A Clip From ‘The Young Victoria’


Judging by Emily Blunt’s Golden Globe nomination for her role in “The Young Victoria,” I’m not the only one who enjoys poncy period pieces!

In a brief clip from the drama, we get a look at Victoria’s coronation ceremony. While all the pomp and majesty is going on around her, Victoria is lost in her thoughts, unable to shake the voices of various naysayers who insist she’s too young and inexperienced to assume the throne. But clearly she’s determined to prove them wrong, and is happy for the support of her true love and ally, Prince Albert.

I still think “The Young Victoria” looks like it could be a lovely historical drama, though not much of a biographical sketch. It’s played in several European countries to generally positive reviews, and with the aforementioned Golden Globe nod for Blunt, it’s bound to garner some more attention in the U.S. And just in time for Oscar season. How convenient!

Also starring Jim Broadbent, Miranda Richardson and Paul Bettany, “The Young Victoria” opens in select U.S. theaters Dec. 18.

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