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Trailer Talk: ‘Source Code’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Every so often, I can’t help but wonder what some of my favorite television shows would look like if they were movies. Unfortunately, the shows I like tend to stay on the air for only a season, two if they’re lucky. As such, one could imagine my surprise wh[...]

It Ain’t Easy Being a ‘Green’ Superhero in 2011

— by CHRIS HYATT — Before the “The Green Hornet” screening last week, I was talking with It’s Just Movies owner Sean Gerski when he reminded of the time I was offered a featurette on the Black Beauty from “The Green Hornet” last year and how I thought he was[...]

Under Review: ‘The Green Hornet’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Shortly before I left to go screen it, I wrote a preview of “The Green Hornet.” I said two key items in that story: that it would be great if Seth Rogen somehow pulled off the hero role, and if the movie began to tank, the supporting cast and director [&hel[...]

Seven Clips from ‘The Green Hornet’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Just like the Little Engine That Could, “The Green Hornet” is picking up steam. After a flurry of questionable reviews, Michel Gondry has confounded most critics, including this one. The concept of Seth Rogen in an action role verges on a paradox, but after[...]

Under Review: ‘Casino Jack’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Movies based on actual political events tend to be a little dicey for me because there are just way too many ways to mess it up. The last political movie I watched, “Frost/Nixon,” wasn’t bad per se, but it was certainly too long and too boring for me [...]

Under Review: ‘Shank’

— by CHRIS HYATT — For all of the fun there is to be had by taking shots at bad movies, there are some things that just disappoint me. One of them is having to take shots at movies that would be really good, were it not for one or two elements not done as […][...]

Chris Hyatt’s Movie Show (Episode Zero)

— by CHRIS HYATT — Just in time for the New Year, this is the pilot episode of the yet-to-be-named Chris Hyatt Movie Show on IJM. The show will be once (or twice, however many I can manage) a month here on the site. I will be talking about movie reviews, opinions and (some) Hollywood [&h[...]

Under Review: ‘A Kiss of Chaos’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Any gangland action drama needs a few basics in order to run smoothly. First, you need a plot device, preferably a deal involving guns, drugs or insane amounts of money. The deal should go bad, and one party gets cheated. A murderous game of cat and mouse develops and [...]

Under Review: ‘Destricted’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Before I start, I’d like to give fair warning that this particular review will very likely contain provocative imagery and some mild language. This is most likely not safe for work, but sometimes, that’s just how it goes. When I started writing this piece, [...]

Trailer Talk: ‘22 Bullets’ (AKA ‘L‘Immortel’)

— by CHRIS HYATT — Quelquefois, il y a un film étrange qui n’est pas tres mal. Souvent, la seule raison pour ca est le qualité de vedettes dans le film, et plus souvent il y a seulement un vedette qui brille plus birlliant que les autres. C’est vrai pour 22[...]

Under Review: ‘Yogi Bear’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Those readers out there old enough to remember watching cartoons before 1996 will likely agree with me that the most holiest name in televised animation was Hanna-Barbera. When I was a kid, I literally couldn’t go a day without seeing at least one Hanna-Barbera[...]

Eight Clips from ‘Yogi Bear’

— by CHRIS HYATT — The name of the first clip is perhaps apropos since Dan Aykroyd was perhaps the smartest choice to voice Yogi Bear. It’s also smart enough to stick with the good old fashioned Yogi, instead of making him younger and sexier, and to use the same style of clever con[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Beaver’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Let me begin by peremptorily answering the one question most of you may be thinking as you read this: No, I’m not high, and the only thing I’m under the influence of is caffeine. Mel Gibson is back. That’s right, Mel Gibson, Academy Award-winning[...]

James Bond’s License to Kill Has Been Renewed

— by CHRIS HYATT — Members of the Q Branch rejoice, you’ll be making disposable one-use lethal gadgets for 007 soon enough! Now that MGM has finished with its bankruptcy proceedings, and are assured a financial future, James Bond 23 has been brought back from the brink. Director Sa[...]