Five Clips from ‘Cedar Rapids’


When Ed Helms joined “The Office” in its third season, he was a hilarious and welcome new addition. Now, he’s one of the few bright spots left on a dying show. He also proved he could win laughs on the big screen in “The Hangover.” I think it’s about time Helms was at the helm (bad joke, I know) of his own movie. And, lo and behold, he is — it’s called “Cedar Rapids” and its about a bunch of insurance agents. The clips below seem to have a little bit of an Office feel to them (Anne Heche resembles Amy Ryan a little bit in this film, too). And even though I didn’t find any of these clips laugh-out-loud funny, it does look like the movie has a certain charm to it.

Tim (Helms) is sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to represent his company at an insurance convention. Three insurance vets take him under their wings; strange and crazy situations ensue. Tim gets a taste of “big city living” (apparently he’s from a little town in Wisconsin) during his time in Cedar Rapids, and he also spends some time away from his girlfriend, his old seventh-grade teacher (Sigourney Weaver). However, at the convention he is taken by Joan (Heche).

I’m keeping my finger crossed for Helms — if “Cedar Rapids” is good, I’m thinking we’ll see lots more of him in comedic roles.

Book your flight to “Cedar Rapids” — which also stars John C. Reilly, Rob Corddry and Mike O’Malley — on Feb. 11.

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