Trailer Talk: ‘Eichmann’


Based on true events, the historical drama “Eichmann” tells the story of Nazi soldier Adolf Eichmann’s capture and final confession before his execution in Israel.

If creating a scale of human evilness were possible, Eichmann would probably land pretty near the top. Throughout World War II he quickly moved up the ranks of the Nazi Army and eventually was given the task of orchestrating the mass deportation and execution of thousands of Eastern European Jews. After the war, he managed to flee to Argentina and live under a false name for the next 15 years before being captured and forced to stand trial in Israel.

“Eichmann” picks up the story with his capture in Argentina and focuses mainly on his interrogation by Israeli police officer Avner Less. Less is determined to get a confession from Eichmann for the multitude of crimes he’s charged with; Eichmann claims he can’t be held responsible when he was just following orders. The trailer has a sort of “Frost/Nixon” feel, but with much more harrowing circumstances. Also echoing themes from another 2008 Oscar-runner, it seems to be posing similar questions from “The Reader”; primarily the question of who is held accountable for atrocities against humanity when the orders came down from higher ranks — a question that can spark a fiery debate, but when it comes to Nazis and the Holocaust, does anyone see gray areas anymore?

“Eichmann,” which has played several film festivals, opens Oct. 19 in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 and Nov. 12 in New York at the Quad Cinema.

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