Two Clips from ‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’


Murder: To kill (a human being) unlawfully and with premeditated malice

Above is the definition of murder according to Merriam-Webster and notice how there is no mention of anything that could be remotely funny involving murder. At least one would think that. There have been many black comedies centered around murder and death in the past that have been extremely funny, but there are more of them that just were torture to sit through. So let’s take a look at a new British black comedy.

“It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” centers around a Indian mother in London whose obsession with getting her daughter married leads her into the world of murder. It was pitched as “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” meets “Shaun of The Dead,” which is bound to be an amusing combination.

The movie is directed by Gurinder Chadha — who you may remember directed the film “Bend it like Beckham” — which was hilarious and remains one of the few films from my teenage years that I still watch on a fairly regular basis.

The dynamics of Indian families has always fascinated me and Chadha always adds a great of humor in her films. I have seen several of her other films besides “Beckham” and all of the ones I have had the chance to watch have impressed me with their dry British humor and unique look on family life. This looks to yet another winner from her.

The two clips don’t really give away too much of the plot but it give you a taste of the style of the film, which seems to be rather fast paced, and shot in a different style than the other Chadha films I’ve seen. Which is a plus for me — I always like to see directors venture off into a different style of film.

The film has had a fairly negative reviews thus far, which disappoints me. This film looks like a riot and would be a movie that would be great for young couples in their late teens and early 20s. It has romance, comedy and murder — which is a winning combination in my book.

Sadly there is no listed American release date, which happens to all the British-made movies I am dying to see, but if you live in the U.K., it’s playing now and opens on May 7 in India.

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