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Review: The Dark Knight Rises

— by ADAM DALE — “The Dark Knight Rises” is the third and final film in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Starting off in 2005 with “Batman Begins,” continuing with 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” it all ends now with “The Dark Knight Rises,” a fitting conclusion that has been v[...]

Why They Should Make a John Carter Sequel

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — If there is an infamous movie to talk about from 2012 so far, it would have to be “John Carter.” The reviews seemed extremely opposite ended. If you read some of the critics’ reviews, you will find in some cases a curiously cruel animosity by some. Conv[...]

The Bus: U.S. Premiere set for July 29

As part of Documentary Channel’s second annual “American Road Trip,” director Damon Ristau’s whimsical feature, “The Bus,” will get its U.S. television premiere July 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Executive produced by Documentary Channel’s James Ackerman and Kate Pearson, “The Bus” is the en[...]

Poster: Man of Steel

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Like many Superman fans, I had all my attention burning towards any and all info released or leaked for the upcoming “Man of Steel” movie during this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. If you weren’t there, it might be days before we get a peek for the tease[...]

Filmmaker Losing His Sight, Not His Vision

Chicago-area screenwriter and director Jack Marchetti is in a race against time to make his full-length feature film before losing his sight to degenerative eye disease, cone rod dystrophy. His screenplay for the gritty crime drama “4 of a Kind” was previously chosen as a top contender for Proje[...]

Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift

— by ADAM DALE — While many recent animated films have been setting their sights on people of all ages, and adding in the occasional adult –themed joke to appease those with more sophisticated sensibilities, the “Ice Age” franchise has been a consistent force in entertainment for i[...]

Resident Evil: Damnation Footage Hits Comic-Con

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — In 2008, Capcom and Sony pictures released “Resident Evil: Degeneration,” the first full-length motion capture CG animation feature based on Capcom’s best selling Resident Evil game series. Different than the live-action movies — which st[...]

Giffoni Film Festival 2012: “Happiness”

July 14 to 24 are the dates set for the new edition of the most popular film event for children and youth in the world, the Giffoni Film Festival, which comes back to Napoli, Italy, with greater enthusiasm and numerous activities. The 42nd edition will see a huge number of International and Italian [...]

Trailer: Compliance

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — When an officer of the law asks us to do something, we do it with no questions asked. Or should we? In his sophomore film, Craig Zobel directs a film based on true events and shows us a situation where complete compliance can go awry and leaves all t[...]

Catching Fire: Plutarch Heavensbee Cast

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — After many weeks of speculation and wish list castings from fans, Lionsgate and director Frances Lawrence have officially selected their actor for Plutarch Heavensbee, who makes his appearance as the Game Maker for the 75th Hunger Games, also called [...]

Why They Should Make True Lies 2

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — I have been an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan my entire life. I have enjoyed his action movies, his physical commitment to his roles and most of his comedies. But, there is an epic movie of his that combines both the action and the comedy and the result was one of my [&he[...]

Trailers and Videos from Savages

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — Oliver Stone’s “Savages” opens in theaters tomorrow. In advance, Universal Pictures released a new trailer a few days ago. It includes more sex and more Nate Dogg. Along with the extra footage, interwoven within the preview, members of the cast announce [...]

Catching Fire Casting Heating Up

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — As the summer progresses and fall nears, production for “The Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” is nearing and the casting rumors are heating up. Earlier this year, we reported that the role of Finnick Odair was close to being cast and the [...]

Trailer: Airborne

— by JESSIKA OWENS — There are many phobias out there that people suffer from, many of which ironically have funny names. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number thirteen, arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, and people such as myself su[...]