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Review: The Best Man Holiday

— by JAMES SHAW — “The Best Man Holiday” is a sequel to the 1999 film “The Best Man,” with both films directed by Malcolm D. Lee. “The Best Man Holiday” deals with the aftermath of the first film, so I would suggest re-watching “The Best Man” so it’s easier to understan[...]

Mortal Instruments sequel moves forward

— by CHERRY BELL — For a little while there, it looked as though the sequel “Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes” wasn’t going to see the light of day. However, after receiving a tremendous amount of support from fans in the blogosphere and fan mail, the production compan[...]

Review: Forbidden Voices

— by BEV QUESTAD with ARDELLE ANDERSON — Michelle Obama opens this film saying “These women received deaththreats. They have been beaten, kidnapped, imprisoned, and time and again these women have discovered a very simple truth. That courage can actually be contagious.” Screened in N[...]

Review: Aftermath (aka Pokłosie)

— by RON WILKINSON — Like still waters that run deep, “Aftermath” is an atmospheric triumph that will be too slow for most American audiences. Not that this is not a great film. It is a great film, but it is too studied and framed and there is not enough plot progression to keep the [...]

Review: Thor: The Dark World

— by JAMES SHAW — A little background first: I am an avid Marvel comic book reader, so I know what goes on in the Marvel Universe and my least favorite character is Thor. I have always found Thor to be a boring character and I only enjoy him in his storylines with Amora. As […][...]

Review: Last Love

— by RON WILKINSON — Directing her fourth big screen movie, emerging world-class filmmaker Sandra Nettelbeck directed this family grief drama. She also wrote the screenplay after Francoise Dorner’s French novel “La Douceur Assassine” (“A Moment of Sweetness”) publis[...]

Review: Last Vegas

— by ADAM DALE — A group of guys go to Las Vegas for a crazy weekend bachelor party filled with debauchery and (prescription) drugs — sounds familiar, right? Yes, “The Hangover” series immediately comes to mind when describing the premise for “Last Vegas,” but thankfully, t[...]

Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars: Full Film

— by BEV QUESTAD — This investigative documentary was posted by Robert Greenwald last week (Oct. 30, 2013 into my email) and it is just as disturbing as it is factually based. It is the story of a 16-year old boy, Tariq Aziz, who signed up to work for two non-profits involved in document[...]

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Posters

— by CHERRY BELL — There are less than three weeks until the release of the sequel to “The Hunger Games” and to keep you occupied until then, Lionsgate has released two new posters, including an intricate IMAX poster with the help of Kris Kuksi. Lionsgate and Kuksi are celebr[...]

Review: Ender’s Game

— by ADAM DALE — Author Orson Scott Card’s popular young adult novel “Ender’s Game” is part of a series of books – 18 and counting – and a film adaptation has been nearly 28 years in the making. It turns out the wait was worthwhile as the feature film is filled with spectacul[...]

Review: These Birds Walk

— by RON WILKINSON — The film opens with a very old man washing small boys in a metal tub. As he washes the boys, who seem in a state of shell shock, he comments on their bodies. The old man is not talking to the boys. They are two to five years old, malnourished […][...]