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Review: Slow West

— by RON WILKINSON — John Maclean’s directorial debut, “Slow West,” is a slow and steady look at love turned deadly. Of course, there is a lot that turns deadly in this gritty New Zealand western. By the end of the film there are more corpses than in Clint Eastwood’s “H[...]

Review: Iris

— by RON WILKINSON — Most films made in New York City are eclipsed by the city. The film maker hopes to use the energy and glamor to make a mediocre film great. Instead, the city steals the show from the screenplay and usually the actors as well. Perhaps NYC knows this when provide such [...]

Review: The Water Diviner

— by RON WILKINSON — Russell Crowe comes out swinging with his narrative fiction feature directorial debut but fouls out as this war story drops off the deep end into the irretrievably maudlin. Screenwriters Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios are partly to blame, but Crowe should have k[...]

Jem and the Holograms: Official Trailer

— by JESSIKA OWENS — One of the most important things to me when looking at a film is the music. Of course, the cast and crew are the first things I look at and are what ultimately decide my excitement factor for a film, but the music is a vital piece of that puzzle. […][...]