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Review: Morgan

— by RON WILKINSON — Not just another android gone bad, Luke Scott’s neo-Frankenstein soft peddles the techno-babble and gets right to the point. Artificial human female Morgan is acting up and something must be done. “Risk Management” specialist Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is dispatc[...]

Review: Don’t Breathe

— by RON WILKINSON — Breakout writer/director Fede Alvarez unleashes a corker of a teen caper horror flick with “Don’t Breathe.” The movie starts out slow with the usual semi-lame dialogue and pretzel logic, but things pick up quite nicely right to the end. The screenpl[...]

Review: Lo and Behold

— by RON WILKINSON — Werner Herzog has made some great documentaries in his time. This is not one of them. A confused hodge-podge of social criticism, sci-fi prognostics and impending internet doom, the film unfolds like a bad dream. Aimless interviews with academics that are either blit[...]

Review: Don’t Think Twice

— by RON WILKINSON — The great thing about Mike Birbiglia’s tale of six comics is that although set in New York City, it manages to be about the people and not the place. The city certainly has its part, contributing the crushing poverty, the insane stress and the daily humiliation tha[...]

Review: My King (Mon Roi)

— by BEV QUESTAD — The guy is neither all that good looking nor professionally stable. But he’s got a swagger, a self-confidence bound in self-indulgence, and he lives for the now without reflection. He is what my mother would call a rake, a man without morals or empathy. This film is [...]

Review: Anthropoid

— by RON WILKINSON — Cillian Murphy plays mission leader Josef Gabcík and Jamie Dornan plays his conflicted second in command, Jan Kubis, in “Anthropoid,” a wartime thriller about the assassination of Nazi chief Reinhard Heydrich. The commander was considered the third most [...]

Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

— by RON WILKINSON — Director Stephen Frears has done better things. His visceral 1990 Oscar-winner “The Grifters” was as serious as a heart attack compared to his Oscar-winning “The Queen” in 2006. But both were heavies compared to this flighty flick. Meryl Streep plays the titu[...]

Review: My Love, Don’t Cross that River

— by BEV QUESTAD — I love this film. Couched in poetic scenery through the seasons, this love story/documentary reveals a 76-year partnership that teaches and inspires. The couple lives on a traditional South Korean outpost across from an embankment to a bubbling stream. They have two do[...]

Review: Disorder

— by RON WILKINSON — Matthias Schoenaerts and Diane Kruger are fun to watch in this simmering pot-boiler wannabe, but, as in meditation, one waits and waits and then … nothing. Schoenaerts plays Foreign Legion Afghanistan veteran Vincent Loreau, apparently an elite soldier who has retu[...]

Review: Neither Heaven Nor Earth

— by RON WILKINSON — First-time feature director Clément Cogitore cuts one loose with “Neither Heaven Nor Earth,” and atmospheric allegory about the war in Afghanistan. Written in collaboration with Thomas Bidegain, one feels this movie as much as seeing and watching it. The[...]