2020 Movies You Will Love

While taking a break from your online casinos gaming, you might want to cool off with a few movies. Despite the fear that the movie industry would crumble due the COVID lockdown, there are quite a number of 2020 movies that you will definitely love to watch. And, this article is going to give you a few movie ideas that we know you will enjoy.


Holiday events have a certain way of bringing people together. This is one way you can get to catch up with your loved ones and get to know what is happening in everyone’s life. And this includes the relationships you are in. In this movie, two friends are tired of being alone and the weirdness that comes with it during holidays. Therefore, they decide to be each other’s date for all the holidays in a year.

“The Invisible Man”

This horror film will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie takes its concepts and ideas from H.G Wells. A woman goes through psychological trauma when she realises her dead rich but abusive boyfriend is following her, even when she goes and plays online baccarat games. She argues that the suicide was a scam and she takes matters into her own hands when she does not get the help she needs.


Roger Ailes was one of the biggest names in the news world, but his fall from his throne unexpected came when the skeletons in his closet started falling out. The media guru used his power to manipulate and abuse female anchors, and it took three smart women to bring him down and save other future TV personalities from this predator.

“Birds of Prey”

Harley Quinn was the queen of the streets when she was in a relationship with the feared man in the crime world. But, after breaking up with the Joker and making a bad impulsive post-breakup decision, she opens a can of worms.

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