A Clip from ‘Frankie and Alice’


Halle Berry has had her fair share of flops in her day (“Gothika” and “Catwoman” spring to mind), but when she’s on her game, she’s on, and “Frankie and Alice” looks like the kind of movie that could return her to her “Monster’s Ball” glory.

Berry stars as Frankie Murdoch, a stripper with a debilitating secret. Frankie has dissociative identity disorder — or multiple personality disorder. Her alternative personality is racist, which further complicates the multiracial woman’s struggles.

Berry received heaps of praise for her performance when “Frankie and Alice” played at the Cannes Film Festival, and an Oscar nomination is a definite possibility. The film has a strong supporting cast including Stellan Skarsgard, Chandra Wilson and Phylicia Rashad, but its very independent distribution and release could work against it come awards season.

“Frankie and Alice” is scheduled for a New York and Los Angeles release Dec. 10 and is set to expand Feb. 4.

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