A First Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Thor’

— by CAM SMITH —

For the life of me, I can’t understand why major studios feel it necessary to offer “Entertainment Tonight” exclusive first-look glimpses at their major motion picture offerings. Sure, I get that they’re probably easy to control and are a mega-popular mainstream platform in which to capture the maximum number of potential ticket-purchasing eyeballs, but the quality of their output is embarrassing. Rather than offer viewers any sort of compelling content, or show cool footage that isn’t slashed to ribbons and dolled up with intrusive graphics, they simply parade out a series of inane interview questions and ultra-brief blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reveals of obscured on-set activity.

Take their recent expose on Marvel’s “Thor” — which aired last week and can be viewed below. Give it a gander and ask yourself what you’ve managed to learn about the film that hasn’t already hit the Internet fan some time ago. Other than the fact that Chris Hemsworth is huge. Really huge. So huge that it bears commenting on by everyone in front of “ET’s” cameras.

I suppose the quick shots of Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Hemsworth as Thor and Idris Elba as Heimdall were kinda groovy, but they certainly weren’t presented in a fashion that allowed them to look particularly impressive or cinematic. I dug the designs but, more than anything, it just looked like a group of dignified actors standing around in goofy armored suits and wigs. Now, I’m not saying they’ll look goofy on screen (lighting and cinematography go a long way in selling costumes such as these), just that this “ET” spot isn’t exactly going to be very effective in drawing in those unfamiliar with the property.

And don’t get me started on reporter Kevin Frazier’s painfully awkward rapport with Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, who seemed almost trapped in a daze.

In all honesty, I’d recommend skipping the video and taking a good look at the screen-caps featured at Sci Fi Wire. They’ll give you all the details you need without the soul-killing superficial babble. Plus, they’re clearer!

As for “Thor,” I’m sincerely psyched to see what comes of it. While “First Avenger: Captain America” (or is it “Captain America: First Avenger” now?) is my most eagerly awaited Marvel project, “Thor” requires the most risky balancing act to pull off and I’m intrigued-beyond-belief to see if director Kenneth Branagh can triumph and silence the naysayers.

So, what are your guys’ take on these new screen-shots? Are you pleased with the designs, or ready to call thunder down from the heavens in fiery, petulant rage? And who’s more annoying: Mary Hart or Mark Steines? Take thee to our comments section or forum and let us know!

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    very cool ET footage of thor. CAnt wait to see more in the coming months.