A look at Disney’s upcoming remakes

A tweet went out at the end of November 2018 stating Walt Disney had left in his will that all movies should be remade after every 10 years.

This tweet stated that the reason for these remakes was so that each generation could have its chance of watching the movies. This was, however, proven to be biased information. But since we are already on the subject, we might as well explore all the Disney remakes and those that we are expect in cinemas in the future.

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Disney Remakes

If you have seen “101 Dalmatians,” then you have heard about Cruella de Vil. However, in case you haven’t seen the movie, let us give you a brief rundown of the character.

Cruella de Vil is one cruel woman, but we guess that it is all in the name. In any case, she will be getting her own movie. Though the release date has not been set, the script writing is already done. We can’t wait to see what twists and turns will take place in this Disney movie.

The Lion King

Who doesn’t know about “The Lion King”? The original animated movie hit cinemas back in 1994, and now the story of Mufasa and Simba is set to be getting its own remake.

That is bound to be amazing. The release date for the movie is scheduled for July 19. Until then, we are sure that a few online casino players can help ease curiosity.


The street rat is back, as he will be returning to cinemas on May 24, 2019. The director of the Disney remake will be Guy Ritchie and the crafty riff-raff will be played by Mena Massoud. We can’t wait to watch this movie one more time.

More Movies?

The above are just but a tip of the iceberg, as there are more Disney remakes that will hit the scenes, with Mulan, Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland but just a few of the movies in the pipeline.

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