A Scene from ‘Nowhere Boy’


There are too many John Lennon films.

Yes, he made good music, but it comes to a point where it’s just tiring.

Director Sam Taylor Wood is adding to a long list that includes “Imagine: John Lennon” and “Inside John Lennon,” with her film “Nowhere Boy,” which chronicles the musician’s childhood. Aaron Johnson is put to the task of portraying the legend and Thomas Sangster plays the equally influential Paul McCartney.

In this clip, Paul gives John a guitar lesson. Though this is not revealing plot-wise, it reveals a lot about the film itself. Perhaps it’s unfair to judge the acting on one clip, but it just looks average, and in my opinion neither of them look like the person that they are portraying.

The cast of “Nowhere Boy” also includes Kristin Scott Thomas, Annie-Marie Duff and David Morrissey. The film releases in the theaters everywhere in the U.K. on Dec. 25.

Is this the next great biopic? Remember to voice your opinions in the comments section.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. Don #

    I agree. Enough films have been made about him.

  2. Dani #

    This movie is going nowhere.