An Update on Casting for ‘The Expendables 2’


Before 2011 fades away, production on the highly anticipated “The Expendables 2” will begin. So, with such a tight deadline to begin shooting — no pun intended — it is no surprise the rumor mill is going berserk throwing out possible names of new action stars to will join the sequel.

Most recently, the web has been bombarded with rumors of Chuck Norris, John Travolta and Jean-Claude Van Damme joining the film. None of these stars have been actually confirmed, but they are definitely on the wishlist for Sylvester Stallone and director Simon West.

But wait … there’s more. This whole week, there was buzz about Chinese megastar Donnie Yen being courted for a role in the movie. This would be a great snatch, as Yen is an amazing action star. There also was talk that his character would be replacing Jet-Li’s character from the first movie. Personally, I don’t think this is the case. Instead, I believe Stallone is just hoping to add the popular Chinese star to the movie, which will be in partially filmed in China.

Towards the end of the week, we then got word that three more stars were being sought: Nicolas Cage, Christopher Lambert and Taylor Lautner. These are interesting cast ideas, but I personally think Lautner is the odd man out. He is not an ’80s action star, and he is not even a recent action star, but I guess he might like to become one. With his upcoming “action” movie “Abduction” due out, all eyes will be looking to see if he can deliver (especially Stallone’s).

How do I feel about Cage and Lambert? They are definitely famous, or infamous, action stars and would definitely fit in this movie quite well.

What do you think about all these choices? They are rumors after all but, it is interesting to see the thought process behind the casting of the movie.

“The Expendables 2” — which already promises to have Stallone, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis for the sequel — will hit theaters on Aug. 17, 2012.

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  1. Eli #

    I’m fine with Cage and Lambert but Lautner I don’t see it as well because as you mention he doesn’t fit with a cast of 80’s action stars and since I didn’t watch any of Twilight movies, I don’t know how well he will do as an action star compare to Stallone and Statham and others that might do this film.

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