‘Boondock Saints’ Trade Paperback Set to Debut


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of “The Boondock Saints” movies. I have posters, shot glasses, necklaces, wallets, a bunch of the movie props — complete with Murphy’s (Norman Reedus) clothes and a hat that Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) wore — in my collection. My pride and joy? An entire Christmas tree of Boondock stuff. So, when Troy Duffy got with J.B. Love and 12 Gauge comics to start a graphic/comic book of the continuing story line of the Saints, I was giddy. I wasn’t the only one either; Boondock fans are dedicated and loyal to the Saints. So when they started out with “The Lost Gig,” I ran to my local comic shop and when I got it, I sat in the parking lot to read it.

I was hooked. The artwork was inventive and the story line was continuing. As the months went on and they put out more issues with more adventures of the MacManus family, they were weaving more and more threads into the storyline. Questions that often are asked among fans about the whereabouts of this character and how that character got the way he was and just what was their history were starting to unfold. The books were often too short for me, but then, they could have been twice as long and still be too short.

So, what is Troy Duffy doing now to satisfy his fans thirst for the MacManus story? Coming out Nov. 8, Innfusion and 12 Gauge Comics are presenting to the loyal fans and the future fans a 152-page book, written by Troy Duffy and J.B. Love, called “Boondock Saints Volume 1: In Nomine Patris.”

Read along as you discover the true story behind the original saint, Noah MacManus (Il Duce), and his war against the New York’s 1960 Underground Crime syndicate. For the first time, Troy Duffy reveals some of the storyline on events between the films as well as the brother’s journey to uncover their family’s legacy of violence, leaving a swath of vengeance in their wake.

This collected edition will be chock-full of never before seen bonus material. This is a special trade paperback that collects all six comic issues combined with never before seen art, a cover gallery, behind the scene sketches and more. And an added feature? It features a forward by Connor MacManus- actor, Sean Patrick Flanery.

Fans of “The Boondock Saints” are going to love this book. As much as we all are patiently waiting for the film series to continue, Troy Duffy and J.B. Love are doing an excellent job of filling in the gaps in a wonderful series of graphic/comic books as only they can do.

This time I don’t have to hope the comic book store has enough copies, I have already pre-ordered mine so it will be an early present for me, delivered to me, by the Santa Mail person. The “Boondock Saints Volume 1: In Nomine Patris” trade paperback is available at for a discounted price right now. Click the highlighted link or go to the box below to get the deal from Amazon.

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