DC’s top recent comic book movies

DC Comics recent movie history is somewhat up and down in terms of recent quality, but there is little denying the comic book company has been responsible for some of the more fun superhero movies of the last few years.

And while others are winning real money online at online casinos, some are busy collecting comic books. The following list might be obvious to all comic book collectorsm since they know all the releases in the comic book industry, but to all the real money south african casinos players, here are some of the best comic movies you can find when your bankroll runs out.


“Shazam!” must definitely be the funniest action superhero movie ever made. It was written by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke, with David F. Sandberg directing the hilarious film.

Zachary Levi manages to pull off playing a 30-year-old man who has the soul and the mind of a middle schoolboy.

With the help of his new foster brother, Billy Batson explores the powers given to him by the wizard Shazam and manages to defeat a power-hungry villain.

“Suicide Squad”

The “Suicide Squad” movie – which is infused with a little bit of dark comedy – stars Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

What happens when you team up the most notorious villains and send them to save the world? Well, this movie gives you the ultimate result with excellent visuals, graphics and makeup. Honour, virtue and integrity feature in this 2016 DC Comics movie.

“Wonder Woman”

Who knew that you could actually enjoy this intriguing storyline on paper before even getting the visuals? Diana (Gal Gaddot) hails from a female warrior-only land where the female warriors are being trained to fight against a battle that is yet to come.

The movie looks at how Diana gets to find her superhero powers and chooses to use them to save the human race. With much disapproval coming from her mother, it’s like a movie that once played on newzealand online pokies as a slot.

After discovering her powers and using them for the first time, Diana opens a portal which ends up destroying her home.

The movie then takes you into the journey of following how the warrior princess gets to fight and defeat one of the most powerful male gods in history.

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