Four Clips from ‘Melancholia’


“Melancholia” is a new film by director Lars von Trier, and for anybody familiar with his work (such as “Antichrist”), then you know his new work will be anything but ordinary and bland. With such a unique way of showing emotion in his films through perspective viewpoints, camera angles and lighting, he is one very intriguing guy.

In “Melancholia,” two sisters Justine (Kirsten Dunst — who won an acting award at the Cannes Film Festival for this performance) and Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg) are slowly drifting apart, barely able to stand each other. When Justine marries Michael (Alexander Skarsgård), there is an epic wedding in a castle that brings the whole dysfunctional family together — including their parents (John Hurt and Charlotte Rampling), who don’t speak to each other anymore, and Claire’s husband John (Kiefer Sutherland), who is stuck in the middle attempting to keep the peace.

When a planet appears from behind the sun and could be on a collision course with Earth, the two sisters react differently. Justine goes into a mood of indifference, while Claire starts to panic and doesn’t know how to cope. As the planet comes closer, there is the question of whether this be the end of us all or just a new beginning.

We have four clips for you from the movie. Lars von Trier has made what appears to be a dramatic and emotion-filled story that looks to be as much about the relationships in the film as it is about the possibility of the end of the Earth.

After watching the clips let us know what you think about them and if this seems to be a movie you might go see.

“Melancholia” is not yet rated and is scheduled for released in the United States Nov. 4.

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  1. Sienna #

    Definitely looks like an interesting plot as well as visually intriguing. I’ll see this just based off von Trier’s reputation for being a shocking director.