How to Earn CompTIA Network+ Certification and Develop Your Career in IT Infrastructure?

CompTIA Network+ is a certification for people who wish to enhance and develop their understanding of computer technology. Network+ enables its candidates to learn how to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and support various types of networks. It also helps the individuals understand the different forms of networking technologies such as TCP/IP and the OSI model.

Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification, which means that you can opt for the career of your choice regardless of having any IT credential. It will permit you to excel more in your career towards network features and functionality. However, it will not limit you.

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How will CompTIA Network+certification help you earn more?

Network+ is a well-renowned certification that proves that you are eligible in the technological aspect of computers. This will help you prove your competence in the field of Information Technology (IT). In addition to having more experience and information, you will be offered tasks according to your capability, which may lead to a rise in your salary.

Jobs positions with CompTIA Network+ certification

The CompTIA Network+ certification is often a requirement for certain job positions, which means that without this credential, you would not even be eligible to apply for the post. Some of the most popular job opportunities for someone who holds this CompTIA certificate include a network administrator, an IT manager, an IT specialist, and a systems administrator.

Overview of CompTIA Network+ certification exam

The exam code is N10-007. The certification test lasts for 90 minutes, and you will be tested with up to 90 questions. You will receive questions in the form of multiple choice, performance-based, or drag and drops. The scores for Network+ N10-007 can be from 100 to 900 where 720 is the minimum score that one must obtain to pass this exam.

The test costs $319. This price is without any discount vouchers. However, the reward for completion can be worth it. It is reported that a person holding the Network+ certification may earn up to $90,280.
Although there are no specific eligibility criteria for this test, it is beneficial to have the CompTIA A+ certification. Besides, having at least 9-12 months of prior experience regarding the relevant field is also recommended.

What to do in order to pass CompTIA Network+ certification exam?

No certification is easy. To try and achieve the credential, which is globally recognized and extremely beneficial in the long run,you should have much dedication. The N10-007 test is designed to authorize and measure your skills and abilities as a technician to solve problems relating to networking.
Then, you need to learn and train thoroughly. Remember that to perform better and realize your capability in the exam, you need to understand the concepts very well. There are numerous online websites that help you prepare and practice for your certification test. These sites do this mainly by providing you with the study material. It includes sometutorials, crash courses, ExamSnapbraindumps, practice questions, virtual exam simulators, and etc.

If you are truly encouraged and motivated to pass this certification exam, you will have to practice enough. It will soon become inevitable, and you will begin to notice patterns in your tests and a format that you will see common in each exam. This will help you categorize where your difficulties lie and where you need to pay more attention. This will be incredibly helpful as you will eliminate your weaknesses that can be used against you in the actual exam.

You may even refer to books or those tutors who can help you understand concepts in a way that is easier for you. You are free to opt for the resources that are efficient in your case.

Registering for CompTIA N10-007certification exam

You can register for the certification test by logging onto the Pearson VUE website. The candidates who wish to register must make an account 24 hours prior to their registration. However, if you are a user who already has an account, you can sign into your account.Then, you can pick the exam that you wish to take along with your preference for the test center and date of the exam.

You will have to do the whole registration process. After that, you will be directed to the payment procedure. This includes two methods: paying through a credit card on the website or paying via a voucher purchased at the CompTIA marketplace as a method of payment.


From Jan. 1, 2010, the IT certifications, including CompTIA Network+, are no longer permanent ones. This means that people who get the credential have to refresh it every 3 years. This however does not mean you will have to sit for the entire Network+ certification exam again. One can follow the CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) Program for the renewal of the certificate.

Continuing education program

The certification holder needs to obtain a certain amount of Continuing Education Units (CEU) to renew the credential. You can gain more CEUs by taking an active part in some of the many approved activities by CompTIA. There is a CEU fee that must be given prior to submitting your CEUs. This fee is $150 for the three years. Some of these activities include earning another CompTIA certification, completing training and higher education, gaining related work experience, and etc.


The CompTIA Network+ certification is an important credential to add to your resume. It enables you to have far more opportunities to work towards your career as a technician. Moreover, the increase in your income is just one of the many benefits that this certificate provides. It can further help you become a professional in the networking community. With the help of this Network+ certification, you can make functional networks and use switches and routers to create resilient networks.

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