Is Another Trip to ‘Sin City’ Possible?

— by CAM SMITH —

By now, I’ve learned well and good to put on blinders whenever the title “Sin City 2” pops up on the Internet film news radar. I loved the first effort, but every new panting development regarding the sequel just feels like a handful of desperate Hollywood players grasping at rapidly-dissolving straws.

Shortly after the first film found its audience, and became something of a grubby critical darling, directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller made the publicity rounds promising that the follow-up would be based on the graphic novel “A Dame to Kill For,” with Angelina Jolie rumored to be greatly desired for the title role. However, as complications began to pile up, and the schedules of the original’s all-star ensemble cast becoming tortuously tangled up by other projects, the project seemed as dead as Jackie Boy.

Seemingly, a potential clear broke on the sequel’s horizon today, with an exclusive emanating from Comics2Film at which published an interview with Solipsist Films producer Stephen L’Heureux — who had little, if anything, to do with the first movie — promising a return to Miller’s noir-soaked monochrome metropolis in the very near future. The second half of 2010, to be more specific.

L’Heureux also allegedly remarked that the film would be based not on “A Dame to Kill For,” but on an entirely new story penned by Miller, which seems curious to say the least. Adding to the dubious factor is that the producer then went on to state that a “Sin City 3” was likely in the cards, as well as an adaptation of Miller’s “Hard Boiled.” Hmmm.

As much as I would love for this project to happen — of all the endless flicks being awkwardly franchised, “Sin City” is actually a very logical, creatively-rich choice — this news feels more like a calculated attempt to keep the series’ name in the public eye than anything truly substantial.

Without solid confirmation from Dimension Films, or guiding force Robert Rodriguez — who does have a gap in his directorial schedule following completion of the Danny Trejo “Mexploitation” actioner “Machete” which could be filled by this project, “Spy Kids 4” or “Nerverackers” — it’s impossible to gauge the likelihood of L’Heureux’s claims.

Plus, with Mickey Rourke supposedly being somewhat unreceptive towards returning as Marv — as was reported last winter by Superhero Hype — and Frank Miller in the doghouse after last year’s unwatchable debacle “The Spirit,” the real truth regarding the future of “Sin City 2” remains, like the place itself, temporarily cloaked in dense, impenetrable shadows.

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  1. moviefan #

    i would be down for another go at sin city. i thought it was a very interesting film.

  2. Josue #

    I AM THERE!!!!

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