Justice League, Wonder Woman Scripts in Works


A few weeks ago, it was reported Dwayne Johnson might be joining the DC Universe. Today, we have more exciting news from DC Entertainment.

Per Variety, “Gangster Squad” screenwriter Will Beall is writing the screenplay for the highly-anticipated “Justice League” film and Michael Goldenberg, who co-wrote “Green Lantern,” is drafting one for “Wonder Woman.”

Beall, who was a former police officer, wrote for the television series “Castle,” for which he won adoration from fans for crafting intense episodes. Currently, Beall is working on a script for reboots of “Lethal Weapon” and “Logan’s Run.” Those are two projects I couldn’t care less about, as they are both treaded territory, but whatever. At this point, let’s just agree the studios have become lazy.

As for Goldenberg, it only makes sense to re-hire part of the writing team that butchered “Green Lantern.” I mean, doesn’t it? But, hey, let’s look on the bright side. Since “Lantern” was so awful, perhaps Goldenberg wants to redeem himself. After all, several screenwriters were to blame for that one, he isn’t alone in creating that mess.

On another note, Christian Bale, who told E! two years ago that “The Dark Knight Rises” would be the last time he’d don the batsuit, recently informed Empire Magazine that he was up to the challenge of a fourth film, provided Nolan had another story to tell. The question remains, would he be opposed to joining “Justice League” without him?

If “Man of Steel” turns out to be a hit, one would assume the suits over at Warner Bros would pay Bale and Henry Cavill a pretty penny should they agree to reprise their roles in “Justice League.”

But will the project be worth their time? Here’s why I am skeptical about this: Both Beall and Goldenberg are Warner Bros. favorites. That alone isn’t a bad thing, but think about why they are. Unlike Joss Whedon, whom Warner Bros. expelled from “Wonder Woman” for “creative differences,” the two scribes appear to be studio compliant. By that, they may be more than willing to adhere to studio demands therefore sacrificing the integrity of the project.

Hopefully, I’ll be proven wrong, but save for the Batman franchise, DC’s track record is fair as live action is concerned. The “Green Lantern” was an embarrassment of epic proportions and “Watchmen” failed to break even at the box office. That said, I am not too optimistic about “Justice League” or “Wonder Woman.” Gaming and animation are different stories, however. Those are two areas where DC excels. “Arkham City” and “Batman: Year One,” anyone?

What are your thoughts on this news? Hit the box on the right with your thoughts.

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  1. moviefan #

    First I really would love to see jl and ww films. But I still doubt we will see either any time soon. Like you said in article wb hasn’t had the best track record with dc bbesides batman. Personally ww been in development hell for what 15 yrs I still can’t see a solo film for a long time. Also do to female driven action films haven’t bbeen the best for many yrs.

    As for jl film. I really think it would be bad move to just go and do it right now. First if it was to be a totally different cast fans wouldn’t like that. And we have to waste film intro actors/characters. Second we know nolan batman is in a world with no other heroes and most rumors say his batman ends batman story.

    So right there we need a new take/reboot for batman, we yet to see where superman is with snyder film. Which I hope is good. Gl bombed so gl would have to be redo too, or could just recast/use one of the other earth gls. Personally at this time they should just do the marvel way.

    Right now start a new dcu film verse with superman. If it blows up we have a good start. And have a way for other metas to exist together. Then in this time say wait 3 yrs and work on a redo forr batman that can exist with other metas.

    So while we chill on batman get flash and/or ww off the ground. Hope they work good and there you go you canhave at least 3 characters all set up together. Then either get a new solo batman film. Or set him up in jl film along with a new gl and aquaman. And go from there.

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