Lindsay Lohan Rumored to be up for ‘Major’ Superman Role


Back in the day, a trip on the airplane usually meant you either had to read what you brought or you had to watch the movie the airline chose for you. On one trip I took out to California, the in-flight movie was “The Parent Trap.” It wasn’t a movie that interested me all that much, but my options were limited.

It turns out, I kind of enjoyed it. Dennis Quaid was good and the story was fine, but the highlight was Lindsay Lohan. She just had IT. Whathever that IT is, she definitely had IT.

For a bit after that, she seemed to be fulfilling that promise, most notably in “Mean Girls.” Unfortunately, she fell prey to the same problems that plague one too many young star on the rise.

So, understandably, it’s a bit sad when I hear a rumor that Lohan is up for the next Superman movie and it sounds to me like an awful idea. Once upon a time, it would have been a great concept. Drawing a parallel, there are plenty of things about Emma Stone that remind me of what I once saw in Lohan. And getting Stone for the Spider-Man movies was a great idea. But at this point, Lohan just seems wrong for the Superman movies.

And with Superman forging ahead without Brandon Routh and with no connection to “Smallville” (meaning no Tom Welling), this is a series that isn’t on the firmest of ground right now with many fans. Plenty of people aren’t sold on director Zack Snyder or new Superman Henry Cavill. Plus, the list of actors up for the female role (one that isn’t Lois Lane) is a bit underwhelming. The Superman movie needs things to strengthen its position in the public eye and Lohan is just about the furthest you can get from doing that (unless they start adding reality TV stars).

In the end, all of this may just prove to be a rumor, of course. Just read what TMZ, which first bought up the idea, had to report:

    Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ … Lindsay’s people have had multiple phone conversations within the last few weeks with the people behind the new “Superman” reboot. We’re told Lindsay is up for a role in the flick — and while it isn’t Lois Lane, we hear it would be a “major character.”

    We’re told Lindsay is supposed to meet personally with the “Superman” people soon — but she might be a little busy with that felony grand theft charge thing.

    According to our sources, Lindsay is “dying to show people again how talented she is” and is worried this latest run-in with the law (for which she maintains she’s innocent) could ruin her shot at the movie.

My first guess — if any of this is true — is that Lohan would be up for Cat Grant. But, like most other people, I would prefer to see Lohan prove herself again before she got a shot in a movie like this. Lohan is no longer a movie star, but she is still very, very famous (actually, infamous, would be the better word). Unfortunately for her, the negatives she would bring to the movie far out-weigh the positives.

The Superman movie should have no limit to the number of outstanding options for its roles, and despite the promise she once showed, Lohan should not be considered one of them.

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  1. Andy Behbakht #

    I don’t know what I will do if this rumor is true…

  2. Kat #

    I agree. I used to like her but now I’m not so sure.

  3. Alexa M. #

    Ugh. Just… ugh. I heard the major female role they’re casting might actually be a villain, but if that’s true, I feel like Lohan would be even worse at that than the Cat Grant role. Not good.

  4. moviefan #

    I do like most films she has done. But with all her current legal problems and issues with rehab. I just don’t see wb banking on her for any role. Though if she was in film I could maybe see her as a cat grant type of role.

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