Man of Steel vs. the John Williams Score


If there is an iconic movie theme for a fictitious character that is recognizable by most people, it would probably be one of the following: “Superman,” “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars,” or “Jaws.” Interestingly enough, these themes were all composed by the same musical genius, John Williams.

This begs a question for future composers and directors who wish to make a fresh start on these iconic characters: Do they keep the iconic sound that identified a character for more than 30 years?

This is the case with Zack Snyder’s new movie “Man of Steel.” From the get-go, we were told this would be a new take on the superhero, as if no other movie had come before it. Krypton would look different, the suits would be different, the Fortress of Solitude would look different, etc. This brought up the issue of the score for the new movie. Should it be a new, fresh take? Should the iconic sound that has identified the hero for so long be replaced with a new one?

Well, no matter how some fans feel, this will be the case. Hans Zimmer was hired to write the new score, and believe me, it was a task he did not want at first. But he has accepted the challenge and I feel the fans should give him the chance to work his magic.

In the meanwhile, we have a video embedded below that shows what the teaser trailer for “Man of Steel” most recently attached to “The Dark Knight Rises would have sounded like with the famous John William’s score.

Personally, I am open to the idea of a new sound. I like the music they used for the teaser — which is Howard Shore’s “The Bridge of Khazad Dum” from “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” — and perhaps it is an idea of the direction Zimmer will be going with “Man of Steel.”

What do you think?

“Man of Steel” will fly into theaters on June 14, 2013. It stars Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Christopher Meloni, Michael Shannon, Lawrence Fishburne and many more.

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  1. 1

    I seriously doubt Hans Zimmer, as much as I appreciate what he does, will go any where near what Howard Shore did for the LOTR scores. Doesn’t seem like that would be the right fit.

    Other Man of Steel trailers have used Zimmer’s “Journey to the Line” from The Thin Red Line. This would seem more likely…albeit NOT the sound I associate with Superman by any stretch.


  2. moviefan #

    I love the williams score and don’t get this as a diss. Personally I don’t think it needs to be the sound for superman forever. It was fitting for reeve films and tone/setting. And I rather have man of steel have its own unique sound. So I am glad they will have there own sound. Though I hope the composer will make something as memorable as williams score.

  3. josue #

    I agree with you moviefan 100%