Michael Fassbender Gives X-Men Update


Michael Fassbender spoke about the” X-Men First Class” sequel at the Empire Awards ceremony last week where he accepted the Empire Hero Award. During the very brief Q & A with RedCarpetnewsTV, when asked about the project, Fassbender said, “We’re trying to pick up where we left off really. You’ll have to stay tuned. I have been chatting about it with James (McAvoy) and we have our own ideas. Been talking to Simon Kinberg a couple of times, when I get a chance to get out to Los Angeles. Some really cool ideas. I think we have a bit more prep time this time around. I’m really excited and we’ll see what happens.”

It’s not really much to go on, but it’s great to know the film is still moving forward. The comic-book geek in me would be remiss if I didn’t point out that prior to the “X-Men: First Class” comments, Fassbinder mentioned that Batman and Superman were his favorite comic-book heroes. Interesting since the villain he plays is from Marvel, not that one can’t like both. I’m just saying.

You can watch the interview in its entirety at the link below and for a full list of Empire Awards winters, click HERE.

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