RSS calls It’s Just Movies a ‘Site You Should Visit’

New ijm— by SEAN GERSKI —

I want to thank our new friends at Today, they listed us as one of their “Sites You Should Visit.” You can find the link to their story here.

Those who are newer to this site may not have see this before, but we also were named as’s “Site of the Day” (only three days after we went public).

Recognition from our peers and help from our friends truly make running It’s Just Movies a worthwhile experience for us.

As some of you may know, It’s Just Movies went “public” on Sept. 22 of this year. It has been a little more than two months since that date and we are very happy with how far the site has come in that amount of time.

We are extremely pleased with the staff of writers that currently are on board and we couldn’t be happier with the group of readers we have.

And I can honestly tell you that you cannot run a Web site without the help of a lot of supporters who, while not technically part of the staff, are defintely part of the It’s Just Movies family. This group includes those who “retweet” our stories on Twitter, make comments next to stories, share the links at other places, put a link to the site in their signatures on sites such as and or any number of ways in which a lot of people have gone out of their way to help out the site. I see it all and I truly appreciate it.

In the time since we have started, we have worked to make the site the best possible site we can. Not all of the ideas panned out, but some have worked out really well and we will continue to try things in an effort to give you the best site we possibly can. We have even had some suggestions come our way from the readers and believe me, we consider everything.

I can’t say it enough: Thank you to everyone who has pitched in. We are going to continue to make this site a site you will want to continue to read and to, hopefully, bookmark. I truly feel the best is yet to come.


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  1. Don #

    That is some well-deserved praise.

  2. 2

    Described as a better version of aintitcoolnews too is a BIG deal too!

    Congrats to everyone at the site, and keep up the good work!

    Today aintitcoolnews, tomorrow – THE WORLD!!!

  3. Dani #

    That is awesome!

  4. Robb G #

    This site is on my own personal “sites I visit everyday” list. 😀

  5. Disco #

    I love this site!

  6. Cam Smith #

    That’s awesome to hear guys. As nifty as it is to get mentioned by other sites, it’s far coooler to know that you enjoy the work we all put serious effort into doing on a regular basis. So, thanks for your comments and keep ’em coming!
    Oh, and tell your friends!

  7. 7

    Definitely! Everyone network, and get more people stopping by here.

    Go Team IJM!

  8. Alexis #

    Count me among the “friends of the site.”

  9. moviefan #

    yea this is great news to hear man. Keep up the great work. This is a great site, and i enjoy reading and posting comments on the articles. Heres to a bright future for the site.

  10. Kat #

    That’s great! Keep up the good work!

  11. Snowby #

    I agree. Great Site.

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