Poster Peek: ‘Furry Vengeance’


When I wrote the article for the “Furry Vengeance” trailer, a close friend of mine that read it approached me in private and said that I was “too kind in my articles to these types of movies.” I find that, lately, it has become popular to hate movies even before watching them.

Now, allow me to present to you the poster below, for “Furry Vengeance.” Again, I find that this is a pleasant poster, for what I think will be a fun and pleasant “kids” movie, and since I have two of them, I will end up watching it no matter what.

It is a “PG” movie, and it has lots of animals, and you can never go wrong with animals. The tag-line line for the movie is “He came. He saw. They conquered.”

In the poster below, you see Brendan Frasier’s character, Dan Sanders, being mobbed by a group of animals of all shapes and sizes. None of the other actors I talked about in my trailer review are in this poster, which surprised me. I had really felt that they had a pretty interesting group, that they somehow managed to get together for this movie. Well, I guess Brendan is the star, and the only actor they felt was necessary to sell the movie.

See the poster for yourself. Does it get you excited to watch this? OK, now show it to the nearest kid you may have around you …

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  1. ha_lovely #

    I can’t wait to watch it,
    when i saw the poster the first thing i do is Laughing, i love it “Special the raccoon” ,
    its really Brendan style , he could make you laughs from nothing ” see the look in his face “



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