Quirkiest Movies of All Time

In this post, we have decided to list some of the most horrifying and weird movies that you can watch. Being stuck in the house means there is nothing more to do than watch movies and play new online casino games from

And, if you are into weird movies, then this list is for you. Enjoy!

“Naked Lunch”
This 1991 film was a co-production between filmmakers from around the world, including America, the UK, Canada, as well as Japan. In this ugly and humorous film, we get to see a pest control worker and his wife, who create a recreational drug using an insecticide. What follows next are different hallucinations where the guy ends up seeing different horrifying creatures, and ends up accidentally murdering his wife. To escape the murder charges, he flees to another place – where he encounters even more stranger things.

This drama film was released in 1997 and it got tongues wagging due to its story, as well as the weird cast. In the film, we are taken to a slum town in Ohio where a destructive tornado has hit. Thereafter, we get to follow several characters as they try to deal with what’s happening around them through some really strange and destructive ways.
The characters are quite unique and range from pimps to drug addicts and child molesters. You’ll also get to explore day-to-day issues such as poverty, drug abuse, racism, real money casino games and more.

This is a 2009 release from Greece. In this perplexing story, we get to see a couple and their three grown children. Having lived in a fenced compound, the children have never been outside of the fence and therefore have no exposure to the outside world.
The couple has made it clear that the kids can only leave the compound after they lose an incisor tooth, and have acquired a car. As you watch the movie, you will notice that the couple uses violence in order to punish their children. You also get to see that incest ends up taking place until one of the sisters decides to escape.

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