Short Film Theater: ‘Vedova’


If Stefani Germanotta and Edgar Allan Poe decided to take a poem and interpret it into a short film, that film would most definitely be “Vedova.” Visually, I adore this short film. The musicality mates with the images and I am hooked. It is amazing to me the power that a short film can convey. “Vedova” is successful in this area.

It is roughly three minutes long and yet I feel satisfied and not a single word is spoken throughout. I am not a huge fan of shorts, as I feel they tend to be glorified commercials and can usually only keep my attention when it’s in the form of a music video.

“Vedova” translates from Italian to the English word “widow.” It’s that simple, that’s what the tale is about. A widow. British director and filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto is responsible for the film, and I say to him, brava sir, brava. I strongly urge everybody to take three minutes and watch this short.

I found it fascinating and don’t want to say too much, as it’s hard to analyze a three-minute project without giving the entire thing away, thus extinguishing the need to watch it.

It may not be for everybody, but all it will cost you is three minutes. If you don’t like it, set you’re alarm three minutes earlier tomorrow and you will have regained that precious time. On the Jess-O-Meter, “Vedova” is an old wives tell tale.

Vedova | Short Film from Mike Buonaiuto on Vimeo.

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