Some of Kevin Hart’s Best Movies to Watch

Just like online casino games, movies also come with different themes for their players to enjoy. Therefore, you will never have to face the monotony of having to play everything over and over again. The movie industry is just as versatile as the different australia online casinos, and Kevin Hart has some of the best comedy movies in the industry. He is an icon of comedy, and these are some of the best movies that he has starred in.

“Night School”
Hart and Tiffany Haddish double up the comics in this movie. Hart plays a man who has to go back to school after losing his job in a freak accident (that he caused). As he reaches the school, he starts positioning himself above the rest. Later, however, the night class he is turns out to be his biggest support system in the world, and he ends up learning more than intended.

“Think like a Man”
“Think Like a Man” is one of Hart’s best appearances so far. Hart gets to provide most of the funny parts of the movie and he does it really well. He is part of a group of friends who decide to get back to their girlfriends for using Steve Harvey’s dating tips on them. In the bid of playing 50-50 there is a lot that is put on stake.

“Central Intelligence”
There is no doubt that Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make quite a dynamic duo. In this case, Hart gets to be the more serious one in the movie. Hart saves a young Johnson from bullies at school, and after 20 years they get to meet and Hart accidentally get entangled up in a big FBI investigation against Johnson.

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You get another chance to enjoy the Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson team in this one. Not only are they young teenagers who get tangled up and stuck in a fictional world, they are also stuck in the bodies of action heroes in an old game. And they cannot get out until they complete the mission.

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