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Superheroes are nothing new, but in today’s world, showing your affiliation with them is more possible than ever. Thanks to the realms of the internet and the possibilities that unfold when using it, you can connect with others online, order strange pieces of memorabilia, or game to your heart’s content.

Your love of superheroes may even make you a better person! So, how can you show some love that isn’t just a Facebook status?

You Can Buy Their Merchandise

If you don’t own some yourself, chances are you know someone with Batman boxers (they have them peaking out their jeans at any opportunity).

But the merch opportunities don’t end there. Superhero merchandise gets a whole lot weirder and more varied than the underwear that grown men wear. Nope, things get truly “out there” but the good news is that, if you’re into superheroes, there actually isn’t much that you cannot find to well and truly represent your hobby.

Whether you need a “hero hugs” seatbelt or even little outfit for your pet rodent (seriously), then you should actually be able to find it. Representing can be a way of showing pride or even for connecting with others who may share the same interests.

You Can Play Their Games

Video games and superheroes go hand in hand. You can find one you’ll love for any console and any movie (or comic book, to be exact), so you’ll have hours of playing time to act like your idols around the clock.

There are crossovers galore, and if you can’t decide on your favorite hero, you can even find them where they all battle together. One example is the Lego Marvel Superheroes game, which combines a childlike love of Lego with gaming, and of course, the heroes themselves.

Similarly, as the size of the iGaming industry increases, many bingo and slots sites have weighed in for their slice of the action, too. You can now choose from a range of different themes to suit your superhero needs.

For example, Lucy Bingo offers a Superman slot game, where you can enjoy action, combat and even romance – so, no matter what part of the movies and comics attracts you to the franchise, there will be something for you. Graphics and motifs are accurately depicted in line with the plot, so even the pickiest hero buff will enjoy gameplay.

You Can Actually Live Like Them

We’re not just talking about cosplay and creating costumes — although this is certainly a fun pasttime.

Many superhero tales actually have some fantastic moral teachings that we could all do with taking into our lives. Superheroes can be classed as altogether fictional and lacking reality, and while this is true, a lot of the messages that come out of them are very teachable moments.

Consider Superman, one of the most famous characters of all. He’s not just some mythical entity; he has some highly human qualities that we can aspire to. He’s relatable and has adapted over time to fight “for truth and justice and the American way,” working in tandem with the politics of the day on the concept of good fighting evil ideologies.

You can even ask the academics — they’ve studied the impact of this icon of popular culture and the effects he’s had on global consciousness, alongside the moral lessons we can all learn. Many people search for a religious or philosophical truth, but with Superman highlighting right from wrong in blatant terms, we see that, “Superman is not just some sort of unique being flying high above us. In the projection of our desires, hopes and fears, Superman is us.”

It’s not all about moral conundrums. In fact, many superheroes have the power to give some of us more of a voice. Superhero audiences are now ready for strong, female leads – as is evident in the Wonder Woman movie released very recently.

Casting a female superhero is inspiring. After all, when people feel represented, they often feel that they can do the things they see on TV. Casting a female lawyer, doctor, or police woman is now absolutely the norm, so why not a superhero, too? The idea is that women can take the strength of their on-screen heroes, and emulate their awesomeness themselves.

If you can believe in the fantasy world of superheroes, you really shouldn’t have any trouble believing in yourself and the powers you possess.

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