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Review: Battleship

— by ADAM DALE — In 2005, we discover an extra solar planet with life-sustaining conditions similar to Earth. We start a program that will beam a signal to this planet in hopes of contacting any intelligent life existing there. We also meet the intelligent, yet lazy, Alex Hopper (Taylor [...]

Six Clips from ‘Just Go With It’

— by SEAN GERSKI — One of the strangest things about saving up a TV show on your DVR and watching all of the episodes in a row is tracking the commercials. If you don’t just skip right through them, you can watch a strange passage of time. You can watch the commercials start in [&h[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Just Go With It’

— by ALEXA MILAN — Back in the days of “Happy Gilmore,” “The Wedding Singer” and “Big Daddy,” Adam Sandler’s movies were must-sees. But especially during the past few years, I’ve found his movies to be less and less watchable. His most rece[...]