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Review: Ben is Back

— by BEV QUESTAD — The film begins on a cold, quiet New England road with bare tree branches and old grave markers. Soon we see a stone church, St. John’s Episcopal (est. 1894), in lightly falling snow. Backdropped by a gorgeous stained-glass window of St. John the Beloved seemingly bl[...]

Office Christmas Party: Three Trailers

— by JESSIKA OWENS — Anybody who has ever had an office job can probably safely say they have fantasized about letting loose and just destroying the office in a drunken rage whilst watching co-workers act like bumbling fools. Perhaps I’m speaking for myself, but it sounds fun in my[...]

Review: Joyful Noise

— by ADAM DALE — In his third musical driven drama, director Todd Graff (“Camp,” “Bandslam”) returns to theaters with “Joyful Noise.” Full of some big names and upbeat gospel tunes “Joyful Noise” is the story of a small town church choir that is looking fo[...]

Joyful Noise Soundtrack Arrives Jan. 10

WaterTower Music announces the release of the soundtrack to Alcon Entertainment’s and Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Joyful Noise,” which opens in theatres Jan. 13. This musically driven story brings together the sounds of gospel, pop, country, rock and R & B with[...]

Five Clips from ‘Final Destination 5’

— by ADAM POYNTER — There aren’t that many franchises out there that can boast five films. New Line Cinemas can add to that list this week when “Final Destination 5” hits theaters Aug. 12. Just as in all of the previous films, the movie opens up with an unassuming young per[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Final Destination 5’

— by ADAM POYNTER — A plane wreck, a freeway pile-up, a roller coaster malfunction and a deadly race car accident have all been the pinnacle for launching a franchise. Just when you think that you are safe from death, “Final Destination 5” is coming to get you. In this latest[...]

New Line Has Begun Production on ‘Final Destination 5’ in 3D

The next installment in the horror series once again proves that no matter where you run, no matter where you hide … you can’t cheat death. Production is under way on New Line Cinema’s fifth installment of the “Final Destination” franchise, which began back in 2000, wit[...]