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Who is your ultimate Fantastic Four?

The countdown is finally over, The Fantastic Four reboot is finally upon us! The new Josh Trank film is set to be released in cinemas this week, with the Sci-Fi world hoping for an improvement on the previous attempts by the franchise. None of the films have lived up to the standards set by the [&he[...]

Report: Chris Evans Offered Captain America

— by SEAN GERSKI — There was a period there for a few days where I was heavily invested in the casting of Captain America role. That time passed around the time of the 400th “exclusive” story listing those who were in the running for the role. I really don’t want to rep[...]

An Exclusive Interview with Actor Doug Jones

— by SEAN GERSKI — While Doug Jones may not be a household name, he is very much in demand as an actor. Admittedly, Jones has a very peculiar background for an actor (he was a mime at one point and a contortionist at another). However, these skills have come in handy for the actor, [&hel[...]

Fox Set To Reboot ‘Fantastic Four’

20th Century Fox has decided to start over with its "Fantastic Four" movie franchise. Only two years after the release of the last installment, the decision was made to start over with the Marvel comic book adaptation.[...]