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Review: Irrational Man

— by RON WILKINSON — This year’s Woody Allen film is a murder mystery. Actually, it is not much of a mystery since we know all about the murder. The only mystery left is to see if the killer gets away with it or not. Sort of a “Columbo” episode without Peter Falk. The first [&helli[...]

Review: HairBrained

— by RON WILKINSON — Screened at this year’s yeasty Brooklyn Film Festival, emerging director Billy Kent’s new “HairBrained” is a funny, if not hilarious, exploration of the college eccentric theme. Having taken a few years off since his modestly received “The Oh in Ohio,” Ke[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Happy Tears’

— by RACHEL COYNE — I haven’t seen “Happy Tears,” but after watching the trailer, it feels all too familiar. Two adult siblings — one dutiful and dependable, the other scattered and self-centered — are forced to deal with an ailing parent. But said ailing parent is feisty and[...]