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Review: Limbo

— by WILLIAM STERR — Limbo – a fictional town in the hot, arid Australian Outback. Limbo – a place of indeterminate location, whose inhabitants are neither in heaven nor hell. Limbo – a film by aboriginal director/writer Ivan Sen, which explores a forgotten murder case that took pl[...]

Review: High Ground

— by RON WILKINSON — The title brings two scenarios to mind. One is the concept of arguing for a better, higher purpose. The other is to take high ground for a military advantage. It is a nicely chosen title as this powerfully shot movie argues for both sides of the apologetic high groun[...]

Under Review: ‘Margin Call’

— by ADAM POYNTER — Trying to put a face on the current economic crisis can be hard; with so many people struggling with money and bank foreclosures it is difficult to even remember where it all started. That is where newcomer writer-director J.C. Chandor has chosen to make his big-scree[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Margin Call’

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — Set in the Wall Street of 2008, the trailer for “Margin Call” takes us through the first 12 hours of the beginnings of the U.S. financial crisis. The film stars Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Penn Badgley (The CW’s “Gossip Girl&[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Killer Inside Me’

— by ALEXA MILAN — People have all kinds of motives for murder — money, lust, jealousy, revenge. But sometimes, a person’s only reason to kill is just for the sake of killing. That’s what drives Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) in Michael Winterbottom’s adaptation of R[...]

Poster Peek: ‘Women in Trouble’

— by SEAN GERSKI — Sometimes, you can just tell me who is in a movie and I will immediately get interested. Now, I’m not talking your typical big stars like Will Smith or Johnny Depp. I mean, sure, I end up seeing most of their movies, but their involvement doesn’t[...]