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Review: The Girl in the Fog

— by RON WILKINSON — A girl leaves her silent house in a silent neighborhood saturated in fog. She leaves for a religion class, but she never arrives there. She has disappeared without a trace, leaving nothing behind her but the wet miasma. Fog outside, fog inside, fog in dreams and fog [...]

Review: The Confessions (aka Le Confessioni)

— by RON WILKINSON — This low-key pot boiler had its New York premiere June 1 at The Film Society of Lincoln Center and Istituto Luce Cinecittà’s 17th edition of “Open Roads: New Italian Cinema” taking place the first week of June. The movie deals with a final judgment enacted on [...]

Review: Dormant Beauty

— by RON WILKINSON — Some Italian films err on the lighthearted side, some on the heavy. Marco Bellocchio’s angst-fest “Dormant Beauty” is so laden with emotion soaked evocation the average American viewer may want a divorce after the first 15 minutes. The story, written by[...]

Review: The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza)

— by RON WILKINSON — Paolo Sorrentino’s updated “La Dolce Vita” has neither story nor direction by the great Fellini, nor the gravitas and bodies of Mastroianni or Ekberg. But it has everything else. The people are twice as beautiful, the costumes are twice as unabashedly rich, the[...]