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Is DC back from the brink?

It wasn’t so long ago that “Batman v. Superman” was splitting audiences down the middle. Some said it was okay, while others were cringing at the name Martha somehow being the ultimate resolution to a superhero conflict. No problem, fans thought nervously, surely they’ll bring it back in the[...]

DC fans relieved as Wonder Woman wows critics

It would be fair to say that previous female-fronted superhero efforts have fallen fairly flat and even the most ardent DC fans could have been forgiven for being a little trepidatious when Wonder Woman hit the big screen on June 2 earlier this year. Perhaps the most high-profile example of such a f[...]

Wonder Woman: First Look

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — After a long break from writing, I have to say putting my thoughts in writing again — to share with all of you — is a special feeling. Also, I couldn’t be happier my first article back is for a movie I feel is going to be very special. Even [&hellip[...]

Justice League, Wonder Woman Scripts in Works

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — A few weeks ago, it was reported Dwayne Johnson might be joining the DC Universe. Today, we have more exciting news from DC Entertainment. Per Variety, “Gangster Squad” screenwriter Will Beall is writing the screenplay for the highly-anticipated “Justice L[...]

The Top 5 DCU Animated Movies

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — I have been really pleased by the DC Universe Animated Original Movies that have been rolling out since 2007. These films — mostly inspired by the comics books — have been a collaboration between Warner Premier, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics. They [...]

Review: Justice League: Doom

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — As I regroup and regain my composure from the excitement I just experienced watching DC Universe’s latest animated movie “Justice League: Doom,” I will attempt to put into words why I loved this movie. As a kid, I had many favorite animated TV shows[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Justice League: Doom’

— by ANDY BEHBAKHT — A few weeks ago, the cast for Warner Bros./DC Universe’s next animated movie, “Justice League: Doom” (which was the last thing written by Dwayne McDuffie, who sadly passed away earlier this year), was announced and it was said that an official trail[...]

Are We Getting Closer to a Wonder Woman Movie?

— by ALEXA MILAN — Poor Wonder Woman. It seems as though the DC Comics superhero/Amazon princess has had more movie and television adaptations stuck in development hell than projects that actually grace the screen. There was the 1970s TV show with Lynda Carter and several animated adapta[...]

An Update on Wonder Woman and a New Costume Revealed

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — We have an update on the “Wonder Woman” TV series that didn’t get picked up by NBC. The Hollywood Reporter had the opportunity to interview Warner Bros. TV CEO Peter Roth, who shed some light on the fate of the series and shared his personal opinion[...]

Report: ‘Wonder Woman’ is Out, But ‘Chuck’ is Returning

— by SEAN GERSKI — I have to admit that I was really mixed on whether I wanted “Wonder Woman” to make it to NBC’s schedule this fall. On the one hand, Wonder Woman is overdue to return to live action. I would have preferred a movie from the beginning, but a well-made TV[...]

‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Undergoes Script Revisions

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — OK, Wonder Woman fans, we are now getting word from the good folks over at io9 that there have been some tweaks and changes made to the David E. Kelly pilot script for the upcoming “Wonder Woman” TV series. Since its leak to various media outlets, the ori[...]

Lynda Carter Weighs in on New Wonder Woman Show

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — The web has definitely been buzzing about the new “Wonder Woman” TV show in the works. One comment you’ll usually find accompanied by talk of any live-action Wonder Woman is the lead actress stacks up to Lynda Carter, who played “Wonder Woman&[...]

New Information about Wonder Woman and Her Costume

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — As you may have noted, It’s Just Movies has been following all sorts of news related to David E. Kelley’s upcoming NBC TV series “Wonder Woman.” A few weeks ago, we got the opportunity to see what outfit our Amazonian princess (played by[...]

A New ‘Wonder Woman’ Image and Some Video Footage

— by SEAN GERSKI — Yesterday, a flurry of shots of Adrianne Palicki and her stuntwoman in the Wonder Woman costume made the rounds on the Internet (including here at It’s Just Movies, of course). When you film in public, that’s a bound to happen. Plus, with the quality of cel[...]