The best movies of Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg has been around for a while in the movie industry (since the age of four!). And there are several reasons why people love Amandla’s movies, including her movie’s views on gender, race, and many more.

If want to learn more about her – or even if you are a fan looking for a reason to rewatch some of her best work – here are some of her best movies you should watch.

“As You Are”

This is one of Amandla Stenberg’ best movies. “As You Are” is a touching movie because it explores the themes of belonging, friendship, australian casino, love, anger, and many more.

“Everything, Everything”

In “Everything, Everything,” Amandla Stenberg plays a character named Maddy, an 18-year-old girl who is unable to leave her house because of an illness.
However, there is a boy named Olly who lives next door that likes Maddy. Looking through windows and talking through text, Maddy and Olly shape a profound bond. Their love story leads them to risk everything.

“The Hate U Give”

This is one of the best movies throughout her career. Stenberg plays a girl named Starr who is witness to a crime committed by an officer. The police officer shoots a friend while they were on their way home. Her friend, Khalil, was holding a brush and the police officer thought it was a gun. Starr stays quiet until it’s shown that the officer is not being indicted for his actions. At that point, her neighbourhood erupts into a protest that the deceased Khalil should get justice, and Starr does her best to speak out against the violence as she and her neighbours seek justice for her dead friend.

In conclusion, these are some of the best movies by Amandla Stenberg. If you’ve watched these movies, then you can spend your time playing high roller casino online games to win real money.

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