The best new TV series on Netflix right now

It might be the weekend, a lazy and long day or a regular Friday night and you need to binge-watch something. Surely you just don’t want it but you need it. So relax from playing online casinos for real money games and discover the best series on Netflix right now.

There is no need to be confused about which series you can watch that are worth your precious time. Time is money, remember, therefore you need to make use of it in a very thoughtful manner.

On that note, we have come up a recommended list of TV shows that you can explore on Netflix.

“Schitt’s Creek”

This is a very joyful TV series to watch that was created by Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy, and surely you don’t want to miss this one. The Canadian sitcom tells an interesting story of a very wealthy family that loses almost everything after being defrauded by their business manager.

The only asset left to them is a tiny, backwater town called Schitt’s Creek. This is what the patriarch (Eugene Levy) bought for his son (Daniel Levy) as a humorous joke gift back in 1991.

The situation forces them to move and live in a motel. The family slowly begins to accept their way of living, even though they encounter quite a number of mishaps just like best online betting sites in au. This comedy is delightful and at the same time it is a joy to watch.


The series “Maniac” is unlike any other on television. The series is made all the better by the fact that “True Detective” and Bond 25 Helmer Cary Fukunaga took a part in directing all 10 exciting episodes.

This top-class series takes place in a slightly more advanced version of Earth wherein two depressed individuals, played by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, are taking part in a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial meant to cure their illnesses. The series is very fascinating and at the same time it’s a unique sci-fi drama.

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