The Distinguished Citizen: Trailer


Excelente! This Oscar nominee from Argentina for best foreign film is brimming with insight about the human condition.

Daniel Mantovani (Oscar Martínez), an Argentinian ex-pat, is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. A bit like Bob Dylan, he thinks he won’t go. But in the end, he does because the irresistible platform offers him a chance to insult being celebrated by the elite and make a proclamation to end his writing career. Then our European writer gets an invitation from home, Salas, Argentina. Could he come to receive the Distinguished Citizen of Salas Award?

The first problem is that all of his books have used Salas and her citizens as prototypes for characters with the worst of human behavior. The second problem is that he left his girlfriend there 40 years ago. The third problem is the hostility that grows in his town, ironically proving his wry perception about human behavior.

This tremendously well-written and acted film — directed by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn — is playing Feb. 16 as part of the Portland International Film Festival.

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  1. Brian #

    I really want to check this film out. It sounds wonderful!