The Five Best ‘80s Films

From big hair to neon spandex, there are plenty of things best left in the ‘80s. But films are not one of them. The decade proved to be one of the greatest for cinema, producing timeless classics that we can’t stop watching today.

It brought us shocking plot twists (“The Empire Strikes Back”), unusual friendships (“E.T. the Extra Terrestrial”) and wacky business ventures (“The Ghostbusters”). It was the decade when a guy named Harry met a girl named Sally. It was the decade that got the ladies dreaming about leaping into Patrick Swayze’s arms (“Dirty Dancing”), and the fellas wanting to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger (“The Terminator”).

Can’t decide which ‘80s films you love the most? To celebrate the release of their new “Gremlins” slots game, we’ve teamed up with bgo casino to shortlist our top 5 films to come out of the decade. Check them out in our infographic and let us know what you think.

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    The Breakfast Club should be required viewing for every teenager. It’s absolutely correct in how other groups view one another. I’, probably in the minority but I like the ending.