‘Thor 2’ Has Official Release Date and a Writer


With the success that “Thor” has had at the box office, there was little doubt we would get a sequel and now, to make it even more official, “Thor 2” has an official release date.

Deadline has reported that Marvel and Disney have officially scheduled it to be released July 26, 2013 — which is also the same year Robert Downey Jr. will returns as Iron Man in “Iron Man 3” (on May 3, 2013).

The sequel will be written by Don Payne, who was a co-writer on the first “Thor” movie. Payne also wrote “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” and co-wrote “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” in addition to penning a number of episodes of “The Simpsons.”
But there is, unfortunately, some bad news. Director Kenneth Branagh, one of the people who made “Thor” the success that it is, is reportedly not returning as director for the sequel. He is expected, according to Deadline, “to be involved in some producing capacity.” It was mentioned that his departure was mutual and amicable.

Personally, I’m disappointed that he won’t direct the next one, but I’m sure that Marvel/Disney will be putting their demands very high for the next director. But still, at least we have an official date for a sequel that I know I will be looking forward seeing.

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  1. Adam P #

    I am happy that they are moving forward with the sequel, Chris Hemsworth will be a busy guy finishing The Avengers and then filming THOR 2 next year, sad that they didn’t bring back Kenneth Branagh for some odd reason, he did make the movie epic and fun.