Three Clips from ‘Drive Angry’


Oh, Nic Cage. I’d like to say “how the mighty have fallen,” but to be honest, I’ve never been a Cage fan. There’s just something about him that doesn’t click for me. The only movies I’ve seen that I’ve enjoyed him in are “Matchstick Men” and “Kick-Ass.” I read an article recently about how great Cage was in some of his older films, such as 1987’s “Moonstruck.” I cringed while reading that … his performance was one of the main reasons I didn’t like the movie.

Anyway, it’s become a bit of a joke that Cage’s movie choices are not what they used to be, and maybe that’s because, allegedly, he is in so much debt and has to take any part he can get. Maybe that led him to “Drive Angry”?

When I first saw the trailer for this movie and its name, I laughed out loud. “Drive Angry”? Really? That immediately lowered the bar for me for what I was about to watch in the clips below.

I will say the action sequences look pretty good cinematically (especially the “Gunfight” clip). And I enjoy action movies … as long as they have some semblance of a good plot to go along with them. Not quite sure where “Drive Angry” fits in.

In the film, Cage plays Milton, a man who leaves Hell to get his revenge on the guy who killed his daughter and captured his infant granddaughter. He is being pursued by The Accountant (William Fichtner), an operative of Satan’s (that’s right, Satan) who has been instructed to bring Milton back to Hell.

Two things we learn about Milton from these clips — he’s ballsy (watch him not bat an eye at The Accountant in “Shoot the Accountant” and “Hydro Truck”) and he likes to bang chicks while fully clothed before participating in an all-out brawl (see: “Gunfight”).

Oh yeah, did I mention “Drive Angry” is in 3D? Come on, you knew that was coming!

Also starring Amber Heard, “Drive Angry” speeds into theaters (and, my guess, will likely crash and burn) on Feb. 25.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    I’ve been following this movie and I think there are a few things about it that are clear, it doesn’t take itself seriously and also that its maybe meant to be a “bad” fun movie, just like with the “Grindhouse” films, it has a style all its own and it is meant to be enjoyed. Not saying I’m jazzed for this film, just that it might not be as bad as everyone thinks.

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