Movies based on lesser-known comic books

There are many well-known movie characters that are celebrated and loved today and yet their origins are in comics. Characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and many more all come from comic books.

But many people may be surprised to realize that there are actually a lot more popular movies that are comic book-based, just like some top online pokies nz slot games.

So for those who love comics but have run out of new movies to watch, and to those tired of watching the same comic movie adaptations, this article is for you. Get to know some movies that are comic book adaptations.


This interesting movie about a man left on Earth to extract what’s left of it only to discover shocking things about himself is based on a book that was set to be published in 2013.
The movie – which features Tom Cruise – was adapted from the “graphic novel to movie” pitch that was due to be produced by Radical Publishing. The movie features great graphics and visuals.

“The Mask”

“The Mask,” which was released in 1994, is a hit movie that saw the rise and successful launch of Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz into superstars. Despite being a hit, this movie was adapted from a cult comic book published by Dark Horse comics.

“Ghost World”

This is a cult film about the trials and tribulations of two cynical girls coming out of high school. The movie was adapted from a comic book that has the same name, and what makes this movie interesting is that unlike the book, the director of the movie added charisma to the characters so it would become easier to relate to them.

“Men In Black”

“Men in Black” is a movie that is loved by many audiences. The franchise, which includes three sequels, is based on a comic book series and South African gambling sites published by Aircel Comics and later Marvel Comics. The movie is all about a government agency that secretly protects the earth from alien invasions. Just like the movie, the comic book series was also a hit.

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