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Virtual Reality has slowly but surely taken hold of all the major entertainment platforms. Talk of VR games, VR online casinos and not forgetting online betting New Zealand casinos, and we also now have a plethora of VR movies. And if you are looking for a VR movie, we have a few suggestions that you can try out.

“From Nothing”
“From Nothing” is one of the best VR movies that there is. The movie was created with an inspiration from an iconic “Inception” scene. Talking about the video as well as the audio, all are flawless. “From Nothing” is a film that is considered to be one of the masterpieces in the world VR movies. Considering the fact that some people are still figuring VR out, we need to give “From Nothing” the credit that it deserves as it truly stands when it comes to movies in the VR world.

Movies that usually have the title in time almost always leave a chill down your spine, and “11:57” is no exception. Horror movies in 2D and 3D always have fans screaming, so imagine the shrieks and gasps that horror in VR can do? If you want to experience that feeling, then make sure to watch “11:57.” You can download it on Google Play as well as at the Oculus Store.

“Butts: The VR Experience”
Enough with the scary talk. Now, let’s take it to a more friendly world with “Butts: The VR Experience.” One can easily tell by the name that this movie will have you crackling with laughter. If you are looking for a VR movie for your child while you enjoy your best payout slot games, “Butts” is one that you definitely consider.

“Surge” is another movie that has VR fans on their toes. Many critics have dubbed the movie as a mesmerizing. And to think it is a VR movie as well. Combining the sounds as well the graphics, all will definitely have viewers dumbfounded. To watch this movie, you can download it at the Oculus Store as well as at Kaleidoscope.

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