Trailer Talk: ‘High School’


After watching this very bizarre (and short) early trailer for “High School,” the only thing I know for sure is this: Adrien Brody can be really friggin’ scary when he wants to be.

“High School” is apparently a comedy, though the teaser trailer makes it look and feel like a horror movie, with its quick scene cuts and Brody’s menacing voiceover (adult language ahoy, kids). But when it premiered at Sundance back in January, it was most decidedly a comedy. Plus, it’s about weed, so it has to be a comedy. Everybody knows that Hollywood only bases dramas around the harder drugs.

After high school valedictorian Henry (Matt Bush, of the so-annoying AT&T cell phone ads) gets high for the first time, the principal (Michael Chiklis) announces a no-tolerance policy and orders a school-wide drug test, where anyone who tests positive gets immediate expulsion — which would probably cause a problem or two with Henry’s college scholarship. So he comes up with a brilliant plan: Find a way to get the entire school high, so everyone fails the drug test. And to do this, he’s going to need to bring in the town’s preeminent pot dealer, a colorful character played by Brody who goes by the name “Psycho Ed.” This plan is bound to go off without a hitch. Or, like, not … man.

Also starring Colin Hanks, Michael Vartan and Sean Marquette, “High School” will set its watch to 4:20 some time in the fall.

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    A stoner epic, sure to please fans of the herb although I have to say it’s an intriguing premise. It’s definitely got me intrigued.