Trailer Talk: ‘Splice’


A new full-length trailer for the sci-fi creature film “Splice” was released yesterday. Set for a wide distribution release this summer, “Splice” stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, two scientists who begin experimenting with the merging of human and animal DNA. The result of their ethically questionable “splicing” is a completely new kind of organism (who they name “Dren”).

The two scientists appear to quickly develop a parental bond with their creation, despite its terrifying appearance, rapid growth rate, and the recognition that it was a “mistake.” In any case, horror ensues when the creature develops into a winged human-chimera with a deadly-looking tail.

This new full-length trailer provides a more detailed look at the creature, who until now we had only seen in the early stages of infancy. Additionally, the trailer sets up hints of a dichotomy between the two scientists. Clive (Brody) obviously regrets the creation of “Dren” (at one point it looks like he may try to drown it), while Elsa (Polley) definitely exhibits a desire to protect it.

“Splice” is directed by Vincenzo Natali and is set to release on June 4.

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