Trailer Talk: ‘Dylan Dog: Dead of Night’ (Italian Teaser Version)


It has been quiet for the “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” movie for a while. Fans of the originally-in-Italian comic book and of Brandon Routh have been anxiously waiting for news about the project. Now, we are happy to announce the first official teaser trailer is out. We have included it below for your enjoyment.

Unfortunately, it does not give anything away, or include any new unseen footage from the actual film. Instead it does what it sets out to do, tease.

Although it is in Italian, and I only understood part of it, it creates the dark tone and feel you would expect from a movie about this character.

He is after all a paranormal investigator, although his title is really “Nightmare Investigator.” But, I couldn’t write this article without being sure, so I contacted a friend who then translated it for me. (Thanks to Alex Falco in Milan, Italy.) With his help, I was able to translate all the lines in the teaser.

    He’s a solitary guy,

    Plays the clarinet,

    Drives the (VW) Beatle and

    He’s a professional…

    Dark Hunter!

Dylan Dog the movie!

This is what it’s all about, trying to stay as faithful as possible to the comics. This trailer gets me excited in multiple ways. It makes me want to catch up on all the comics I have missed. This is a very popular character world wide, especially in Italy. If he can succeed on the big screen, it can unite the worldwide fans. Also, staying faithful to Dylan’s look, the trailer gives a great deal of red and black, which are his favorite colors.

It also gives Routh the opportunity to show the world what a terrific actor he is. This character is dark and complicated, it will be a great challenge for Routh, but it will pay-off in the end. This is a comic book movie, but this can also be considered a horror movie, so I am seriously interested in watching his performance.

The Louisiana Bayous will have their hands full with monsters and ghosts, but with Dylan dog on the job, things will be looking red, supernaturally speaking. The movie also stars Anita Briem, Peter Stormare, Taye Diggs and Sam Huntington. Check out the teaser trailer and celebrate with us. I can’t wait to hear your comments …

“Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” will be haunting theaters in March 2011. And if you haven’t so yet, check out our review of the movie HERE.

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