Trailer Talk: ‘Last Night’


In “Last Night,” Joanna (Keira Knightley) accompanies her husband Michael (“Avatar”‘s Sam Worthington) to a party where she meets his “new” coworker Laura (Eva Mendes). Joanna is upset because Michael has never mentioned Laura and well, she’s pretty hot (she’s Eva Mendes, for cryin’ out loud!). Joanna already thinks Michael is sleeping with Laura, though he denies it, and she’s pretty peeved he will be accompanying Laura on a business trip to Philadelphia.

While Michael and Laura are away, Joanna runs into an old flame named Alex (Guillaume Canet). While she spends time with him, she questions why she never told Michael about Alex, and Alex wonders why he and Joanna ever broke up in the first place.

Meanwhile, in Philly, Laura seems to waste no time in seducing Michael. The trailer shows a lot of chemistry between the two pairs, but never seems to give anything away as to what exactly will happen and if Joanna and Micheal’s marriage will survive.

“Last Night” apparently doesn’t have a domestic release date yet, but with a great group of actors and an intriguing plot, I have no doubt it will soon. Be on the lookout!

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