Trailer Talk: ‘Thor at the Bus Stop’


The plot for the independent film called “Thor at the Bus Stop” was almost all the information I could find for this movie. Yet, after watching the actual trailer for it — which we have embedded below — you will realize it doesn’t begin to cover all the movie really is.

Here is the official description: “Thor at the Bus Stop” is a comedy that begins with Thor, the Norse God of Lightning, as he makes his final journey through a suburban neighborhood on the day he is going to die fighting to save the world — and nobody cares. Thor starts a chain reaction of interweaving story-lines packed with zany characters and themes about goodness and the power of cool.

Amongst all things, this is a dream come true project for Mike and Jerry Thompson, who wrote, directed and even starred in the movie. They put their hearts into this project and created a theme that gives you both the underground, eclectic feel of the good old fashion independent film, while at the same time taking up an ambitious group of characters you would never really see explored in these types of films.

In this case, they close in on the famous comic book character of Thor. The hero is played by Jerry Thompson, and he is not basking in his glory of royalty; instead, they have chosen a period for the character when he is at his lowest. He is troubled and weary. According to information I have researched, Thor is facing certain death while at the same time trying to save the world from the giant Midgard Serpent.

The trailer starts with the lines, “Every story is a chain reaction,” which immediately got my attention. It’s just these kinds of chain reaction movies with different characters whose lives intertwine on a particular day that have always interested me, movies like “Crash” and “Pulp Fiction.” In the end, the audience is rewarded with the awe of surprise and the feel of a higher IQ.

The next line is “This one starts with a thunder clap.” This takes the story and sets it up to a plane of expectation I just can’t imagine obtaining from a film I had not even heard of before. So, now I am intrigued. I keep watching the trailer and suddenly I am bombarded with one character after another, who all seem to have their own stories that play a part in this film. They also seem to be doing their thing. They are characters who would, under different circumstances, be the leads of their own movies.

In the end, there are various interesting stories to enjoy in this film, and I tip my hat to the Thompson brothers, who have already been getting nods for their work on this film with one sold out show after another.

Keep your eye out for “Thor at the Bus Stop” to play at a film festival near you.

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    yeah .. I could actually imagine watching this.

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